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Milton Suen shared this idea 18 months ago
Under Consideration

Customer would like to provide a public URL link allow external parties upload files (e.g. application form) to internal network share (SMB) for administrative staff and work on uploaded files.

Problem is when file with same name, it will overwrite existing file. Would it possible to apply similar to Windows Copy & Paste mechanism - auto add a prefix number to file name?

e.g. "file01.pdf", "file02.pdf", "file03.pdf"

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Thanks for the feedback, we will consider it.


Hello FileCloud Support,

Will consider this feature implement in future release?

Thanks & Best Regards,



Hello, Milton!

We do not yet have this firmly-planned for a release, but we have been discussing this internally in the hopes that we will be able to support this request, perhaps with some special FileCloud configurations.

Thanks again for your input! We greatly appreciate it!