IP Restrictions per Access Level - e.g. Only limited users can sign-in publicy

Michael Taylor shared this idea 13 months ago
Under Consideration

I would like to be able to restrict access for our employees so they cannot sign into the sign from outside our network.

In my situation all employees have Full Access. So, e.g., it would be nice to apply an access list that said Full users can only sign-in from X subnets/networks/IPs.

Could be a per Access Level setting too for extreme granular choice. Could also be per user, or per policy.

The main reason for this is that I would have to worry less, if at all about an employee placing a file in the folder, not sharing it, then signing in from home. Yes there are audit logs, but that just tells you what happened, it does nothing to prevent the theft.

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Thanks for the feedback. We are considering some DLP features in 19.2. Eventually we will support IP restrictions via that.


This will be supported for 19.2 release. We are releasing Data Leak Prevention support that will support this.