Customizable "File Request" forms

YvesC shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

To support uploading files by our clients we look for:

@FileCloud Full User:

  • a “create file request” form in the WEB interface to easily configure the different options for a "file request"
  • adding custom message to inform the user/client to upload documents
  • possibility to sending e-mail form from the “create file request” - preferably customizable as with the other email templates
  • adding a customizable name for the person who is sharing (not to expose the internal naming in our filecloud instance)

@FileCloud guest user

a “file upload” form (for the client/user) that supports

  • configurable/customizable WEB form (eg our logo, background, …) – preferably configurable cf other templates
  • a text field where the user/person can/should enter his "name"
  • When files are uploaded, the “name” entered by the person uploading the documents is used to create a subfolder (in the folder for which a file request has been configured) in which his documents are stored/saved.

case: the subfolder feature is needed because we create a single corporate “file request” for a single client, but want different people to independently upload information/documentation – these people are unknown to us at the moment of the creation of the “file request”, since the people who upload are handled/defined within the company but may not have acces to each others documents (eg dept. HR, Finance, IT, ...)

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Thanks for posting your feature request! We will consider it.


I like everything that YvesC talks about above. Adding my two cents...

We moved away from a file upload web form on our website because:

  • we were getting junk (a new form should use captcha or similar)
  • sometimes didn't get the message there was a new file upload, and
  • when an upload was relevant, we still had to do forward or move the file.

We now email a shared FileCloud link to a public "upload only" folder.

  • We still have the same problem that we don't get notifications on new upload.
  • Another problem is the upload page has no branding. So the client is not sure that the page is ours.


@GregB Valid concerns. We are looking into improving notifications overall so there is more control.

We will also consider customization of the upload only form.


@Support : has the customization of the upload form been taken under consideration yet, eg branding and automatic creation of subfolders ?


We will consider improving this function for the subsequent releases.