allow Guest users to share links

Ricardo M shared this idea 21 months ago
Under Consideration

I use FileCloud as a marketing file repository as a one-to-many relationship.

I share the repository folder with sales reps with product materials, like folders and brochures.

I need a feature where FileCloud Guest users (our sales reps) are allowed to right-click and create the public sharing link, but not having any writing permissions over the repository folders and files at all.

Currently in order to allow Guest users to generate sharing links, I also have to give them writing permissions to the folder. The 2 features are coupled, and I can't have sharing without giving writing permissions.

In the current process they have to download folders from the FileCloud repository into their Dropbox account and then share from their Dropbox account.

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Thanks for the feedback. Allowing sharing without write permission has security ramifications. We will consider this for the future.



May I follow up on this one?

I need a group of guest users to be able to generate the share links from the folders, but I can't give writing permissions to them.

Has there been any progress on this?

When I go to the folder sharing settings, I'd like to be able to toggle Allow Share without being forced to turn on Allow Upload. This would be a fantastic update.


Hi Ricardo, thanks for the feedback. Sharing can allow potentially people to get more permissions than they are allowed. So this is a non-trivial change.



Would it be possible for this to be actually considered and added to the current road map?

The 1st answer above was also the generic "we will consider this for the future", which was 10 months ago and this feature was never actioned.

So it would be really great if this can actually be added to the roadmap.

My suggestion is to allow Guest users to be able to click-and-get-share-link, but not for Limited users.

In the current scenario that I have, Guest user accounts have to download the files into their Dropbox to then create a share link.

I'd like them to click and share directly from FileCloud, but with no permissions to add or delete files.

Would it be possible for you to give me a time line on this feature being implemented?

Thank you for your help.


Hi Ricardo,

The main consideration is that if we allow sharing without write, we need to only allow shares with download only permissions and nothing else.

ie if the share can do more, they can re-share the file to themselves with more permissions and get around any permissions.

This can lead to some complex restrictions and that's why we haven't made the change yet.


My scenario is that I manage a product marketing material repository.

Sales reps download product folders with marketing files to their Dropbox and share Dropbox links with their retailer clients.

Or sales reps ask me to generate the public FileCloud link for them to share with retailers.

All sales reps have Guest access to the FileCloud repository.

They don't have any writing permissions: no uploading, no deletion, only downloading.

I'd like sales reps to continue not to have writing permissions, but have the ability to generate public share links.

Can you make this possible?


Yes, understand the scenario.