Allow Company Name to be associated with a group of Limited Users

ToddR shared this idea 18 months ago
Under Consideration

When the Admin selects “Add User” option on the Manage Users page, allow“Company Name” information to be entered and display the “Company Name” as partof the “Manage User” page as well.

Note: Allour external customers are defined as “Limited Users” so defining a “Group” torepresent the “Company Name” is not a valid solution since “Limited Users” cannotbe part of a group.

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Thanks for your feedback. We will consider this.


Of course, allowing Limited Users to be part of a "group" would resolve this issue of course. We could simply create a "group" to be the company name itself and then add all the Limited Users into the this "group". I just wanted to provide an alternate solution to my request instead of having to add Company Name as part of the "Add User" interface page.


Actually, allowing us to enter the following information to further detail each of our external customers/users would be extremely helpful:

user first name

user last name

user office phone number

user mobile phone number

user country

company name

company address 1

company address 2

company city/town/district

company state/province/region/territory

company zipcode/postalCode/postCode/pincode

company country

misc data 1

misc data 2

misc data 3

Probably offer a way to enter additional user data by providing 3 tabs (user, company and misc) for data entry fields


Thanks, We have noted this.


Has a decision been made whether to add support for this request?


Still in our backlog, we will consider it.