FileCloud 19.2 Now Available

Zach Collier - FileCloud Product Management shared this announcement 9 months ago

With the release of FileCloud 19.2, customers can now benefit from FileCloud's new Data Leak Prevention feature, offering greater security and control over an organization's data at all stages of creation, existence, and transmission. The DLP feature is assisted by the Content Classification Engine, which streamlines data classification by automatically categorizing and organizing data based on file content.

Additional details and upgrade information: FileCloud Server 19.2 Release Notes

New Features in This Release:

Data Leak Prevention

Data Leak Prevention (DLP) offers greater protection against data loss when the data is at rest, in transit, and at end points. Users can define rules specifying what data must be protected. The rule(s) can identify files based on properties like file owner, name, path, or associated metadata.

Content Classification Engine

The CCE is a rule-driven content classification system that enables the generic labeling of files with metadata. This labeling enables key operations within FileCloud such as contextual file search.

SIEM Integration

FileCloud Server now offers integration with most major SIEM providers to provide real-time information about audit trails and alerts. Admins can activate SIEM logging, and configure transport of structured logs, and set up custom alerts for SIEM events.

SMS Two-Factor Authentication Support

Admins can now enable 2FA via SMS for selected users, groups, or their entire organization.

Azure BLOB Integration

FileCloud Server now offers integration with Azure Blob storage.